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Welcome to our website. Please feel free to browse, find out more about the sport and discover how to get involved in horseback archery in the UK, through our club, or the British Horseback Archery Association. As a club we are actively seeking new members so if you live along the Severn Corridor area, approximately between Bristol – Tewkesbury and have your own horse, then please visit our Facebook page to get in touch.

The links below will give you more information about the wider sports of target archery, horse riding and horseback archery.


Image of the Archery GB logo, a stylised red bow shooting a blue arrow

Find out more about the sport of target archery, and where you can go to learn how to shoot in the UK. If you’re a rider with no BHAA club or coach near you, attending an Archery GB beginner’s course will give you a grounding in basic archery technique.


The British Horse Society logo, a white line drawing on a red background, of a galloping horse facing the viewer with their text to the right,

Find out more about horse riding, and where to go for lessons in the UK. If you’re an archer but not a rider, you need to become competent and confident on a horse before attempting horseback archery. The British Horse Society have schools throughout the country offering riding tuition for all levels.

Horseback Archery

Discover more about this exciting equestrian sport in the UK. Here you can find your nearest BHAA club or coach, or find more detailed information about how to get started if you don’t have a BHAA club or coach nearby.

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